Our Mission and vision

Tejas Health Care Mission

Provide quality, affordable, compassionate and accessible primary medical, dental and behavioral health care to the communities we serve.

Tejas Health Care Vision

Tejas Health Care provides health care everyone can afford. 

Our Medical Team

Tejas Health Care achieves its mission and vision by offering an integrated and comprehensive service delivery system through the provision of medical care, mental health and dental health services that are client-driven, culturally sensitive and family-focused. The model enables THC to provide the most cost-effective, preventive and caring services to those in the community with the greatest health needs, while at the same time, ensures the continuity of care and coordination between services.

Our team of medical and behavioral health providers, case workers, and referral specialists will assist you in choosing a physician, transferring medical records, entering your medical information into our state-of-the-art electronic medical records system and making appointments for you and your family.

In addition to accepting Medicaid, Medicare and Private health insurance plans, we also serve individuals that are not covered by health insurance. We offer sliding fees for those whose qualify. Patients on a sliding fee are charged for services based on the patient’s family size and income.